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schoolsVisits to Ceredigion Museum are free and are a fantastic opportunity for school children to learn about the history and culture of Ceredigion.

Schools and colleges are welcome to visit the Coliseum at any time during normal opening hours (10am-5pm). Self - led visits are welcomed at Ceredigion Museum but it is advisable to book any self-directed museum visits in advance, so that we can manage groups

Enquiries and bookings:

Special projects

Occasionally, Ceredigion Museum arranges projects for schools relating to special exhibitions; keep an eye out on our website.

Themed Visits to the Museum

We offer a range of curriculum focused interactive activity sessions and you can book for a 2 hour visit or a whole day. We can design a visit suitable for any age and linked to a theme of your choice, or you can choose from the following:

  • Food, farming and the living world
  • Homes and housing
  • Holidays, transport and journeys
  • Toys, playing and leisure
  • War and conflict
  • Costume, fashion and celebrity
  • Schools. Learning, jobs and careers


New for 2017 - 2018

Legends of Ceredigion – An interactive session exploring the characters of Ceredigion folklore. Meet Druids and saints, witches, wizards, transforming animals and the tylwyth teg!